Court Orders Apple To Publicly Apologize To Samsung

Cupertino guys now have to publicly apologize to rival Korean company. In a recent decision, UK court ordered Apple to overtly publish Samsung product and must state that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad with its Galaxy line-up of tablet. AppleSamsung Way back in the spring of 2011, Apple sued Samsung, accusing of copyright infringement of lifting its iPad design idea. This week the company has lost the patent appeal in the UK court, and asked them to publicly apologize to Samsung. Apple has already appealed the decision, but the high court rejected the appeal, upholding the earlier decision and stated that Apple must state Samsung didn’t infringe its design patterns. The decision is hard blow for the Cupertino giant, as it implies Apple needs to run ads promoting Samsung in UK’s top publications like Daily Mail, Financial Times and others to “correct the damaging impression” of Samsung. Apple will also have to put a link in its website that will direct visitors to court judgment order. Samsung welcomed the decision and asserted it as a moral victory for the company. The company issued a public statement, defending its position as an innovative company, and indirectly pointed out to Apple not to use legal systems to eliminate competition. “We welcome the court’s judgment, which reaffirmed our position that our Galaxy Tab products do not infringe Apple’s registered design right.” Samsung spokesperson said. There is no detail yet when Apple will start running the ads, but it is ordered that aesthetically infatuated Apple has to run ads in 14 pt. Arial font in its website. A California jury also said that Samsung didn’t cross any line in design aesthetics, but it did find Samsung of infringement of other patents, resulting huge $1.05 billion damages. It is noted that both companies have been battling over patents since April 2011. Samsung got a favorable tide in the UK, but Apple has largely dominated in the U.S and Germany.

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