CopyTrans Photo offers pricey iPhone photo management

There are several shortcomings to iTunes in terms of a lack features and functions in relation to the pictures once taken on your iPhone. iPhone users use their iPhones as their main picture snapping device, for the quality it brings is ultimate. iTunes focuses more on iOS apps, to music and videos and seriously neglects providing options for handling your pictures. Of course you can sync your pictures from your Computer to your iPhone, what is missing is that the absence of help in downloading pictures from the phone including simple preview options. Enter CopyTrans Photos. The application has been made to cost you a bit, but you will be paying for exactly your money’s worth. There are a range of tools to manage your pictures taken from the iPhone or iPad. CopyTrans Photos comes as part of the WindSolutions’s CopyTrans Suite, in which you will get a series of various applications for managing your iOS like CopyTrans and CopyTrans Contacts. You will not be forced to buy the entire suite, if you only want to purchase a few of the applications. They are up for sale severally. With each application you get a free demo version, to run trials before you decide whether to buy them or not.

Copy Trans Photo offers pricey iPhone photo management The CopyTrans Photo Application opens up as a full screen application window, having two main columns. One column displays thumbnails of photos that you have on your sync’ed iOS device and the other column displays thumbnails of the photos that you have on Windows PC. Another smaller column shows you the Explorer view which lays out the folder structure of your PC for easy navigation through more pictures. To transfer pictures from the computer and iOS device is done through right clicking any of the thumbnails and then clicking on the transfer option. Easy breezy. A prominent drawback is that CopyTrans Photos wont allow adding photos from the PC to the iOS Camera Roll. You an add them to the library instead. If you were to make an album on your iOS device these pictures or the entire album can be sync’ed between the PC and your iOS. With CopyTrans Photos you wont be at the happy end of a bunch of photo editing tools, all you get is a slideshow option to watch your pictures. For an app that is not cheap, and is not in addition to trendy features on your iTunes, the CopyTrans Photo could have packed in much more, for starters, some basic photo editing tools. There are some loopholes too, like having to create a new folder in the Explorer View column of CopyTrans Photos, and then having to select the pictures from your iPhone and copy those onto that folder. Another downside is that CopyTrans Photo does not let you delete pictures form the iPhone’s camera roll. For these reasons sync’ing pictures through Windows appears far easier and not to mention, smoother. The CopyTrans Photo app is still in its nascent stages requiring a few upgrades to make it a hit with iPhone users.
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