Contactless Gestures to control your PC

Microsoft is all set to release KINECT this christmas. KINECT offers a controller-free gaming experience with your body and body movements doing the control. This is primarily meant for Xbox gaming console. But looks like KINECT can be connected to PC through some hacking. Once connected KINECT is providing an amazing touchless control over your PC, made possible through your hand and body gestures! Dont believe..? have a look at some of the videos posted in youtube by kinect hacking community. KINECT basically works through the motion-sensing cameras placed inside the box. These 3 dimensional motion sensors detects the gestures and makes the gesture recognition possible. Nintendo pioneered this field with a product called “Wiimote”, but this required a controller to be strapped to your hands. Microsoft has taken it to next level by eliminating the need for any external accessory. Sony is not idle and they have come up with something similar called “MOVE“, but again requiring an external accessory similar to Nintendo. KINECT rocks!

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