Contact app Evernote Hello comes to Android

Evernote’s contacts app Hello now invades your Android devices to help you not more to forget people whom you need to remember. evernote20hello-11377239 Checking out Evernote Hello is important if you routinely collect business cards from people you meet and later find trouble remembering who are they and why they are important. Now Evernote Hello app on your Android tablet or smartphone will do the needful. Last year the Evernote Hello was released for iOS. It uses contextual information like that where you met the person, who introduced you to him and what the person was wearing then. All these information helps you in remembering the person that you met earlier. The photo-heavy interface of the app encourages you in remembering names and faces of the person together. According to Evernote chief executive Phil Libin, the LinkedIn integration is one exciting feature into it. In an interview to one Web media he said, “The LinkedIn [integration] complete changes the workflow of the app. All you need is an email address and it gets everything else automatically… It gives you an easy way to connect [and] reduces the time to capture the encounter to about three seconds.” With the LinkedIn integration you can add name, phone number and other details of a person only through his login LinkedIn email address without even getting connected to the person on LinkedIn. Similar to the iOS version of Evernote Hello, the app for Android will be able to find your location as well as language based on cultural standard.

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