Concept Phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Yu features 4 cameras at the back!

Concept Phone Designer Razec is back with a cool concept phone for Sony Ericsson called Xperia Yu.  The concept phone has a unique feature in the form of 4 cameras (each with 5 mega pixels resolution) placed together at the rear in a honeycomb structure. The 4 cameras work in tandem to create a cool 16 mega pixels image through a process called micro-stitching. What’s more cool is the fact that you can attach external lens and flash accessories to this camera. In addition to being world’s first phone with 4 cameras (if it goes to production), Xperia Yu features 3 virtual buttons placed towards bottom of the screen and backlit logo which displays the manufacturer’s name in a cool cyan blue colour!

Take a look at some of the renderings of this concept phone called Xperia Yu





via concept-phones

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