Comparing HTC Chacha with similar mobile phones

HTC Chacha is the latest social-networking-oriented, touch and type handset from HTC Mobiles. Off late, Touch and type handsets are on the rise. When we took a short survey with our fans @ 91mobiles facebook fanpage, it was evident that more than 80% prefer both touchscreen and typing capabilities to be present in the same handset.


So, what is HTC Chacha? Do not confuse Chacha with your uncle (Chacha is urdu word for uncle), otherwise HTC would have easily named it as “HTC Uncle”!  BTW, HTC has been having some problems with the name ChaCha for a while. In spain, HTC had to rename the phone to “ChaChaCha” as “ChaCha” in spain means “servant” and it was not funny for spaniards to have a HTC servant phone Smile. And there is this human-powered chinese search engine called ChaCha which has sued HTC for the name infringement! So, HTC is launching ChaCha phones in the US under the name HTC Status. So much for the name..

Alright, lets get going. At the outset, ChaCha is a touch-and-type phone with 5 MP Camera, 800 MHz processor and is powered by the latest version of Android Gingerbread OS. When we checked out the phones that are similar to HTC chacha, we got the following list: Samsung Galaxy Pro, Nokia E6, Motorola Charm, Nokia E5 and HTC Salsa. Let’s do a small comparative analysis between these phones.

Features ChaCha Galaxy Pro Nokia E6 Nokia E5 Charm Salsa
Price Rs. 15,999 Rs. 8,499 Rs. 16,890 Rs. 8,975 Rs. 8,499 Rs. 20,392
Weight 120 103.4 133 126 110 120
Display 2.6 inches 2.8 inches 2.4 inches 2.4 inches 2.8 inches 3.4 inches
Touch Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Keyboard Full Qwerty Full Qwerty Full Qwerty Full Qwerty Full Qwerty No
Display Resolution 320×480 320×240 640×480 320×240 320×240 320×240
Camera 5 MP with Auto Focus and LED Flash 3.2 MP With Auto Focus 8 MP with Full focus and Dual LED flash 5 MP with Auto Focus and LED Flash 3.2 MP 5 MP with Auto focus and LED flash
Front-facing camera 0.3 MP No 0.3 MP No No 0.3 MP
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth v3.0 + A2DP v2.1 + A2DP v2.1 + A2DP v2.0 + A2DP v2.0 + A2DP v3.0 + A2DP
microUSB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OS Android 2.4 Android 2.2 Symbian Anna Symbian S60 3rd edition Android 2.1 Android 2.4
3G download 7.2 mbps 7.2 mbps 10.2 mbps 10.2 mbps 3.6 mbps 7.2 mbps
3G upload 384 kbps   2.0 mbps 2.0 mbps 2.0 mbps 384 kbps
Processor 800 Mhz 800 Mhz 600 Mhz 600 Mhz   800 Mhz
Dedicated Facebook key Yes No No No No Yes
RAM 512 MB   256 MB     512 MB
Battery 1250 mAh 1350 mAh 1500 mAh 1200 mAh 1170 mAh 1520 mAh
Talk time (2G) 7.5 hours 11 hours 15 hours 18.5 hours 6.45 hours 10 hours
Talk time (3G) 6.5 hours 6 hours 7.5 hours 5.5 hours 5 hours 8 hours

Bottomline: From the comparison, it is very evident that HTC is charging the premium for being the one of very few Android gingerbread smartphones with touch-and-type form factor and a dedicated facebook key! For that price range, Nokia E6 seems to be a better value for money deal..but unfortunately Nokia is not an android phone..If we strictly compare androids to androids, then HTC chacha has better hardware and software package available. Does that justify the 16k price tag?

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