Collection of Evergreen Hutch Ads with Pug

Hutch ads were one of the most memorable ads with nice expressions, music and theme. The ads were such a hit that pug was in larger demand among pet seekers those days, and the popularity of pug remains even today. We have put together some of the best ads involving the cute little girl and boy and the pug…relive the moments! Towards the end of the list, dont miss out the video of the pug saying “I Love you”! pug Dog Stamp Bus Independance Swimming Pool Missing Shoes Socks Baking Hands Another ad Slipping Soap Blanket Boy and Pug Boy and Pug – You and I Boy and Pug – Locker Hutch Dog Classroom Hutch Magic performance Hutch Dog saying I Love you Which one do you like the most? Your favourite one?

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