CloudOn and Google Drive App for office goers

Here are two apps, all for free and definitely worth downloading. Cloud computing and storage is the answer for unending need for more space to pack away data and to access them. The following two apps provided by formidable creators are the perfect apps for office goers, who work on a common project and even for others who require documentation and spreadsheets. Take a closer look. Google Drive iPad update CloudOn is an update and is Free for download. This app is a utility app which lets you have the experience of Microsoft Office on your Android device. With this app you can do all the standard features like edit, and share documents but with cloud services like Dropbox. You’ll have access to using Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets for the complete office experience.  CloudOn also integrates itself with other cloud services, so you needn’t worry about losing access when you’re on the move. This new update of CloudOn you get enhanced cloud capabilities for storage of your information. Integration of SkyDrive is the best feature. You can also track activity on your documents through FileSpace, which means that changes made by other users can be viewed. This type of thing works best in offices working around common goals and team efforts. Google Drive update is free for download and works as a cloud storage drive on the one hand and also doubles as a document creator and collaboration software on the other. This implies more features at one place. With Google Drive you will gain access to all the office tools such as word documents and spreadsheet Furthermore, there is scope to store multitudinous documents and presentations on Cloud servers of Google. Collaboration with other users using the app is also possible so you can work together and this boosts productivity and utility. This latest update, supports “pinch to zoom” on presentations. You will also get some performance enhancements and improvements.

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