Chrome to Phone For Android 2.2

The search engine giant Google has released ‘Chrome to Phone’ for Android — a tool that send links and other information from your desktop or laptop to your Android phone. “The new ‘Chrome to Phone’ extension adds a button to your Google Chrome browser that instantly sends the current web page, map, YouTube video, or selected phone number or text to your Android device running Froyo (or Android 2.2),” Google said in its blog. Besides pushing websites, Chrome to Phone also works with Google Maps. Say you’ve looked up an address or driving directions on your desktop. Clicking the extension icon in your browser will push the information to the Google Maps app on your phone. YouTube videos work the same way with the extension. User can also select a phone number on a web page and send it to the dialer on your phone. Selected text can also be automatically copied from your browser and sent to your Android clipboard for later viewing.

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