Chrome now comes to iOS, iPad and iPhone

Chrome-for-iOSGoogle announces to release Chrome to iOS, iPad and iPhone at I/O conference in San Francisco. You can get it for free from Google App store in next few hours. The Chrome images ushered by Google makes it look like an exact match of Chrome for Android (released by Google yesterday). There are lots of exclusive features given in this Google’s browser which make it score more in comparison to other browser including Safari (default browser in iOS devices). The best one is the cloud feature of which Google boasts of. Under this feature, when a Chrome user log into his Google account, he is able to access all the recently opened tabs, bookmarks and many more. So now if you are reading a comic at Google Chrome on your laptop and you shut it down due to any reason, and then you opened Chrome at your iPad. By clicking on “Other Devices”, you will be able to access the tab of the same comic. Hence this interesting feature brings homogeneity in multiple device usage. Google Chrome for iOS devices also comes with Omnibar or Google Search engine bar. This makes it convenient for the users to search any term or website instantly. You can also use voice search feature in Chrome’s Omnibar. This Google voice search is better than Apple’s Siri. Other beneficial feature offered on Chrome includes incognito mode, you can open an unlimited tabs and the exquisite design of Chrome will lure you into it. The ease and simplicity with which you can use Chrome is rarely found in other browsers.
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