China to reach 1 billion mobile subscribers mark

mao_cellphone China will be the first country to reach 1 billion mobile subscribers. Being the World’s most populous nation, it is quite logical for China. However, the actual figure 997 million in late February shared by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) represents the incredible growth made by the country. Assuming the MIIT’s number was accurate, China will reach the top (One-Billion) by the end of March 2012. It means the subscribers were just the double the of  2007 figures. China crossed the 500 million subscribers milestone in 2007 and with in the span of five years it reached 1-billion. Out of China’s roughly 1.3 billion citizens, 73.6% of the population own a mobile phone. In the United States, cell phone penetration is currently estimated to be approximately 103.9%. India stand the world’s second-largest nation with 894 million mobile phone users as of December 2011. Considering GSM connections alone, India accounts for 648 million mobile phone users as of January 2012. via [AllThingsD]
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