Check out the cheapest Android tablet in India

tablet-bar-graphIndian Government boast of making the cheap Android tablet for the students, but now for the economically concerned lot, there is a separate Android ICS tablet in India. The tablet manufacturer such as iBerry, Zen Mobiles and Wickedleak have recently launched this cheapest Android tablet in India. The price tag of this tablet has been kept below 10,000 INR. This tablet will be available in the open market for the general masses. It should be mentioned that the Aakash tablet was manufactured by DataWind. Aakash tablet was launched at an introductory price of Rs 2500, which was really pretty cheap in comparison to the other counterparts. Aakash is still to be distributed among the hands of the people. The tablet from iBerry, Zen Mobiles and Wickedleak runs on the Android ICS OS. This Android version will enable you to use a large number of apps and games. There is a hell lot of list for you. You can explore more details about its specification from its official website. The tablet has a standard sized screen with a pretty smooth touch. The tablet will soon be launched in the Indian market. You can easily avail it from your nearest retail store. There will be a healthy competition between tablet makers and you will see lots of features under the upcoming tablet. You can even order it online from its official website. There are lots of variants available in these tablet. It will definitely suit your needs and demands.
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