Cheaper Quad Core Smartphones arriving soon

CES 2013  witnessed a host of next gen chipsets being launched by various companies that will change the face of mobile phone performance as we currently know them. Companies like Nvdia and ST Ericsson


While Nvidia, ST Ericsson announced their latest quad core chips, while Chinese and Taiwanese vendors like MediaTek and Rockchip released their quad core solutions. Qualcomm, announced its own new quad core chip, the Snapdragon S4 Prime.

The Quad Core technology used currently is expensive and hence available only in high end phones such as Nokia Lumia 920, Nexus G, LG Optimus 4X HD, HTC One X .etc. ALso, Qualcomm is the leader in this market supplying its Snapdragon edition chipsets to most phones or tablets that are currently sold in the Indian markets.

With the entry of companies such as MediaTek and Rockchip in the Indian market,  the price of quad core phones will drop significantly. The mid range phones are likely to use Nvdia Tegra 4 chipsets. Whereas premium offerings will include Qualcomm’s S4 Prime quad core chipset which the company launched at the CES 2013.

Companies such as Lava and Karbonn are already evaluating the options for bringing in their mobile phones that are built in with quad core chipsets. In fact, we may expect Lava’s Xolo brand, an Nvdia Tegra 4 smartphone, to arrive in the Indian markets sometime in February or March, 2013.  While Karbonn confirmed the launch of a MediaTek MT 6589 based quad core phone early this year.

WIth the launch of quad core chipsets, tone can expect full support HD display, 8 megapixel cameras and improved battery life.

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