Celltick Real Time Mobile Coupon Server launched at MWC 2013

Celltick is a common name in the mobile commerce world; the firm announced the introduction of Real Time Coupon Server that can be accessed by 140 million users globally at Mobile World Congress 2013. This new coupon engine is extremely beneficial that the coupons can be used to own inventory and can be benefited from new revenue share opportunities from completed mobile payment transactions. This engine can be accessed by range of business personnel’s from redemption, merchants and brands to higher margin customer acquisitions, greater visibility and control of mobile coupon-led marketing initiatives. Celltick Logo With the launch of the Celltick search engine, operators can connect to thousands of merchants to use mobile coupons as part of marketing scheme to translate their existing inventory to higher profits. With Celltick, operators can offer better services to customers by offering new services and products for a higher standard of living. Moreover operators will have the benefit of stronger revenue shares offered through Celltick, which enables operators to deliver additional revenues in terms of purchase, greater value to operator and their consumers. This search engine has been employed in MTS Ukraine, Claro Brazil, Azercell and Vodafone India. Celltick has the prestigious brand of the being the largest mobile coupon provider in India with its strong partnership with Vodafone. Celltick offers amazing  services to effectively manage revenues; with this Real Time Mobile Coupon Server solution, merchants and brands have the access to formulating and recalibrating their own campaigns for everyday operations that offer high value to consumers in real time through easy to use dashboard. This system is extremely effective that merchants and brands can track performance from validation to recovery with the entire system from the initial phase to the end user. To summarise the features of Real Time Mobile Coupon Server and Network Features, The Credible facts about this search engine is

  1. The flexibility of this system is so reliable that you can send mobile coupons in real time.
  2. There is a system for Dashboard interface for merchants to create, monitor and adjust campaigns.
  3. There is access to analytics and target information on campaign performance and mobile coupon redemption.
  4. The mobile coupons can be reimbursed by just a single-click-to-coupon through seamless mobile payment engine.
  5. The most interesting and amazing feature of this system is the ability to power transaction that can serve more than 140 million active consumers in more than 25 countries.
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