Cartoon Network iOS app update, play games & watch cartoons simultaneously

Cartoon Network just updated its iOS app. This update allows you to watch cartoons and play games at the same time on your iOS device. First of all if you think about this then it looks a little impossible but now days technology is changing a lot, so its possible and cartoon network did it. You should totally check this out because it will be amazing for your kids. Your kids will be interacting a lot with cartoons and playing games at the same time. And as you already know cartoons surely increase your kids brain and their way of thinking. This app is pretty popular among iOS users and it allows cable TV subscribers to have access to most of the contents of the channel. You can actually watch full episode of the shows you want.

Cartoon Network iOS

You will actually get access to watch the current episodes per day after that episode gets on air. You can play games at the same points and earn more points too. This app mainly looks good on iPad and when you will use this app on your device, there will be a video player at the bottom of the screen and you can play the game on the top of your screen. It will be a little hard for your kids to concentrate on the game or cartoon but still they will be having option of pausing the video or the game. So it is a cool multitasking application for iPad to watch cartoon and play games at the same time. You should totally check out this app on iTunes Store.
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