Canon PowerShot G15 Review

The Canon PowerShot G15 is the latest addition to the popular and powerful G series of Canon. The G15 is designed with improved incredible tech thinking that has superior features than the G12. This camera represents stacked technology in a small piece. This camera is however not all that small, where you would actually require another bag to carry it, but nevertheless not large enough to impose shoulder strain. canon-powershot-g15 The Canon powerShot G15 functions on a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. The sensor is a single DigicV that has the capacity to handle JPG and RAW files that has the shooting capacity of 2.1 frames per second. In the optical front, the G15 is has an amazing optical resolution with f/1.8-2.8 with a dimension of 28-140mm, which out beats even its predecessor with an aperture of f/2.8-4.5 with the same focal dimension. The fascinating feature of the camera is the aperture that has the capacity to capture images in low light. The lens is designed to offer versatility that has the capacity to functions up to 3 stops, to allow greater thumb grip during slow shutter-speeds. The G15 is a completely refurnished camera compared to the original; the top area has been modified where the dual-stacked dials are replaced with single mode dial. There is also a horizontal dial to clock between the aperture or shutter speed mode on the back. Inside the camera, there is the exposure compensation dial and under the mode dial towards the left of the camera is a pop-up flash unlike the earlier front facing flash. The camera has an admirable build quality with robust build due to the fitment of metal and plastic. The buttons are rough and has the outstanding capacity to withstand hard objects. The front portion of the lens is protected by the leaf shutter. Canon-PowerShot-G15-back The 12 megapixel not only renders quality resolution, but also maintains the noise level to the minimum. About 90% of PowerShot G15 test images were captured in Manual mode and the remaining in Aperture Priority. The images were brilliant with images of sceneries and dim light, along with images at optimum intensity of ultra-violet light. The images were shot in RAW mode to enhance significant resolution output. Amidst lush sceneries, the image output showcases an excellent display that represented professionalism. This camera has the feature of on auto white that has the ability to shoot on different weather conditions that can deliver the image by just adjusting the warmer tone. This tone heats up when you are indoors and capture images under artificial light. The lens on the G15 has sharp points in the center and borders.  One of the admirable features is the focus, rarely observed in point and shoot camera. The Canon PowerShot G15 has an excellent resolution capacity with its 12 inch megapixel CMOS sensor. The most thrilling aspect is the shooting capacities at different weather and light conditions. The capacity of the camera to deliver outstanding image in dim light is amazing. This camera can be useful on a thrilling camping expedition where you can happily capture images and not worry about the camera rotting when it rains.

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