Camera shootout: Lenovo K3 Note vs YU Yureka

“We compare the photography prowess of two extremely popular budget smartphones, the K3 Note and YU Yureka”

Did you know that the most popular camera used to share photos on photo community Flickr isn’t a high-end DSLR or even a point and shoot camera? It’s the Apple iPhone. While it shows how potent the cameras on Apple devices are, it also represents the popularity of mobile phones as photography machines.

So, if you’re looking to buy a smartphone with excellent camera capabilities in the budget segment of below Rs 10,000, then you’ve come to the right place. We took two popular devices in this price band for a spin and shot a variety of images in different conditions to bring a comprehensive verdict for you. Before we begin, let’s check out the competitors – Lenovo K3 Note (review | FAQs) and YU Yureka (review | FAQs). The duo sports similar camera specs, with 13MP sensors at the back and a 5MP shooter a the front. The devices also boast LED flash units for providing illumination, although the K3 Note gains an edge due to its dual-LED flash.

So, without further ado, let’s check out which one of these emerges as a winner. All these images have been captured in auto mode at 4:3 aspect ratio. For the purpose of comparison, these images have been resized, with the ones on left taken from the Lenovo K3 Note and on the right by YU Yureka. You can also click on the images to view them in full resolution. Another thing to note is that we’ve tried to capture the same scene with all the devices, but there might be slight differences.

Long shot

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (7)  YU Yureka camera samples (10)

The image captured by the YU Yureka (on the right) seems to be very dull, especially when you look at the grey colour of the sky as compared to hues clicked by the shooter of the Lenovo K3 Note (on the left). However, the image captured by the Yureka seems to be more natural in terms of colour variance of leaves or tree branches. Additionally, the K3 Note’s image doesn’t seem as sharp when it’s viewed in full resolution.

Long shot with HDR

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (6) YU Yureka camera samples (9)

Both the images look much livelier with the dynamic range turned on. But the image processing for HDR mode in the Yureka (right) seems to be better, when you notice the stark difference between the normal image and latter. In comparison, the HDR mode has overexposed the sky with white colour.

Close up

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (15) YU Yureka camera samples (14)

Without a doubt, the image on the left captured by the Lenovo K3 Note looks more pleasing to the eyes. However, in actuality, it’s an oversaturated image and the image clicked by the Yureka is more natural apparent from the sunlight falling on the flower.

Close up (zoomed in)

Lenovo K3 Note camera review - close up (zoomed in) YU Yureka camera review - close up (zoomed in)

The point we were trying to highlight in the previous case becomes more evident when we zoom in into both the images. The YU Yureka camera (right) has done more justice to the image in terms of natural colours. In terms of details, both devices have done a good job since the petals of the flower have sharp edges. The images also have a depth-of-field effect, which makes them even better.

Indoor low-light shot

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (17) YU Yureka camera samples (16)

Most phones face difficulty in capturing images in low lighting and these duo aren’t any different. We are only able to see the traces of the objects, which are two karate-performing statues in this instance. While you can hardly see any colours, in terms of details, the Yu Yureka seems to have a leg up over the Lenovo K3 Note.

Indoor low-light shot with flash

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (18) YU Yureka camera samples (17)

With flash turned on, both the phablets have done an impressive job. The colours have been reproduced well, and the images are sharp too, as you can the gloss along with dust on the objects.

Outdoor low-light shot

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (2) YU Yureka camera samples (5)

During night, both the phones struggle due to poor lighting. However, the Lenovo K3 Note (left)  seems to perform slightly better than the YU Yureka as the latter has too much noise.

Outdoor low-light shot with flash

Lenovo K3 Note camera review (3) YU Yureka camera samples (6)

The flash has definitely helped in providing illumination to the scene and one can easily see different colours of the subject. But once again, there’s too much grain in case of the YU Yureka.

Overall, both the smartphones seem to be pretty capable shooters. While the YU Yureka captures natural images, we felt drawn towards the image quality offered by the Lenovo K3 Note.

With YU recently launching the upgraded variant of the Yureka labelled Yureka Plus, the competition in the sub-Rs 10,000 territory seems to be heating up. You can read more about how these devices stack up in other aspects in our spec showdown.

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