BSNL’s new way of recovery, to sue defaulters

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has come up with a new way to recover the outstanding dues, and the new way is going to be harsh on customers. bsnl According to BSNL, the company is set to sue its twenty-five thousand customers who have failed to clear the dues in last one decade. The total outstanding dues is claimed to be around Rs 18 crore. BSNL official says for lease lines around Rs 11 crore is to be recovered, from private telecom players around Rs 6 crore and rest from users of cell phone, landline and WLL. In financial year 2011-12 BSNL was able to recover Rs 42 crore from outstanding of Rs 60 crore. BSNL mentions, since 1990-95 more than twenty thousand customers including government connections are defaulters. In the financial year 2010-11 the recoveries were Rs 32.88 crore. Indore BSNL made several efforts in last fiscal to recover the outstanding dues from its customers. It has set up a team of thirty members who went across all defaulter customers asking to clear the dues. BSNL is also putting pressure on private telecom players to clear old dues related to circuit (lease lines). In last fiscal year of 2011-12 the BSNL Indore was positive for making a recovery of Rs 111 crore as against for the financial year 2010-11’s 101 crore. According to the company general manager GC Pnadey, BSNL is working upon a strategy of collecting the outstanding dues.

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