BSNL to revamp its landline services

For a long time, BSNL is looking forward to revamp its landline services in the advanced direction. BSNL is thinking about an array of services to introduce the tinge of modernization into its traditional services. You will soon find facilities like video calling and free call transfer in the BSNL landline services. As per the present reports, BSNL has planned to invest a sum of Rs 400 Crore in the whole endeavor. “We have started process of converting all our exchanges in to NGN (Next Generation Network) exchanges. This will bring to landlines all facilities that are currently available on mobile phones like video calling, call transfer, directory among others.” said BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R.K. Upadhyay. R.K. Upadhyay also revealed the number of exchanges based on C-Dot technology and the exchanges based on the imported technology. The cost of conversion of C-Dot exchanges to NGN exchanges will not trouble the pocket much but the imported technology conversion will be pretty costly. BSNL is planning to float tenders for this job. This conversion of exchanges will definitely open up the wide opportunity for the users to access modern facilities. You should also watch out for the value added services on mobile phone. BSNL is expecting to wrap up this project by the end of this fiscal. The operational fixed landline phones will be inbuilt with a feature that will show up your maintenance and usage costs. BSNL is really very serious about a giving a modern revamp to its still landline services. Let’s see how people react to it.
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