BSNL Launches Micro SIM with 3G Plans for Apple devices

This seems like a 3 days old news..we tried hard to figure out the official information from BSNL website, but so far no luck..However, few blogs have been reporting about this. bsnl-micro-sim-3g BSNL has launched the micro SIM cards and 3G Data plans catered specifically for Apple devices such as Apple iPad 3G, Apple iPhone 4 (devices which use micro SIM card). According to the BSNL Sanjay Kunal, General Manager (Sales)- BSNL “The BSNL is beginning the new scheme in collaboration with apple for which both prepaid and postpaid data plans have been introduced along with micro SIM card. Specially tailored Tariff for the Unlimited 3G Data plan for Apple devices starts for just Rs 99 to Rs 999 without any data cap or Fair Usage Policy (FUP).” BSNL Micro SIM Kit is priced at Rs. 100 (Rs. 30 for the micro SIM). These micro SIM 3G Kits are available in BSNL 3G Centres ONLY. So, users dont have to pain-stakingly convert the existing SIM cards to micro SIM by themselves anymore! Prepaid Plans 3g-prepaid-tariffs Postpaid Plan : 3g-postpaid-tariff What is Micro-SIM? The SIM is the tiny card that holds your contact info and account information that you find in your GSM handsets and will be available as 15 x 25mm plastic card whereas the new Micro SIM (also known as a 3FF SIM) is a diminutive 12 x 15mm, about 52% smaller. The actual reason why micro SIM is being introduced is very unclear. Some valid reasons quoted are to reduce the physical space required for the SIM card and to differentiate SIMs for data-only devices (!) Comparison of sizes between micro SIM, SIM, Credit Card 3ffcard-template Image credit:

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