Bowens Launches New Limelite Products

Bowens has recently released news of its upcoming launch of two new easy-to-use Limelite Mosaic lighting products – Tungsten and Bicolour LED panels. These rugged new panels will be showcased along with a new HD Field Monitor, a wide range of DSLR camera rigs and a new Studiolite DMX fluorescent lighting range at four upcoming UK and international shows. These shows include the prestigious BVE (Broadcast Video Expo) at London’s Excel Convention Centre and Focus at the NEC, Birmingham. Bowens-New-Limelite-Products-hd-picture-widescreen-wallpaper-1280x1024-9-5125de4197cb3-5682 For those unfamiliar with Limelite, it is the subdivision of Bowens international which was launched last year to cater and harness the videography and broadcast market. At these events, Bowens international also plans to showcase its new 300W focusing floodlight and a new on-camera LED light and LED ringlite. Tim Haskell, who is the business development manager of Limelite had this to say. “This is most definitely going to be a very thrilling and exciting and full-on year for us at Limelite. The Limelite range has gone through substantial and serious developments and more significantly since we launched this division last year.” Tim Haskell continued to say, “When we first announced our Mosaic Daylight LED panel it easily managed to set a benchmark as the brightest, and most easy to use, all rugged and highly competitively-priced high output product in its class.” Tim Haskell went on to say that the addition of the new tungsten panel and the new hybrid Bicolor model (the latter uses a blend of daylight and tungsten LEDs in alternate rows) it is possible to create a more extensive and wider range of colour temperatures from just one single panel. Tim Haskell, “We are also introducing our M7+ Field Monitor which boasts fabulous features and connectivity and value of the original M7 model, plus extra control features favoured by many professional users. These include focus peaking; a Zebra exposure monitor; a false colour filter and a histogram display.” Limelite is also set t launch the new, easy to set and program Studiolite DMX 2, 4 and 8-tube fluorescent lighting range, along with the new range of quick-mount accessories. Apart from all the new wondrous technologies being provided by Limelite, the Company is also bringing in Comodo, which is a range of all modular DSLR camera rigs, which will be available in three kit forms. These are specifically meant for Limelite customers. The three kits are  hand-held rigs, a lightweight shoulder rig and a full professional shoulder rig and the trio will be shipped with a follow focus system and a fully fitted metal flight case. In April of 2013, Limelite will be sure to launch Limelite Pixel, which is a brand new, high-tech 300W focusing floodlight designed mainly for corporate, wedding and small studio videographers and photographers who work with tungsten lighting. This will possibly cost a little less than expected given the market its aiming for, with the guarantee of high quality. The dimmable Pixel is going to be made available in single and three head kit forms.

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