BlueStacks Surface Pro App Player Software

BlueStacks, the Mobile company, has released a Surface Pro-optimized, Windows 8 fully supported version of its hugely popular App Player software. This program can be downloaded for free and is compatible with any Android App on the new Surface Pro. With this launch BlueStacks officially announced its a new site with link, through which new Windows 8 and Surface Pro users can download the BlueStacks’ software and add on any mobile app to the device and these apps will run fullscreen and will be touch-enabled. BlueStacks_Logo_Vertical BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma said, “We’ve had our users asking for a Win8 version for a long time. Now that it’s finally available on our website we’re looking forward to getting feedback and building on the experience. The number of mobile apps being written overall is expanding exponentially and Microsoft has not added apps to the handful it has. Our goal is to get people more value out of their Surface Pro and Win8 devices.” BlueStacks has recently partnered to bring out numerous OEM tie ups in the past months, and has also crossed the 5 million download mark for its mobile software on Mac and PC’s. All these downloads were sourced back to the Company’s homepage There are no official figures about other downloads using OEM partnerships, yet BlueStacks has made its satisfaction with these ventures very obvious. In the words of BlueStacks head of Global Sales and Strategic Alliances, Apu Kumar, “The response in the OEM community has been as strong or stronger than the surprising numbers we’ve been seeing from organic downloads. We seem to have reached a tipping point where we’ve brought mobile apps to so many computers worldwide, the remaining OEM’s customers are asking for these apps also. We’re the perfect conduit to get popular programs back on the PC.” BlueStacks was formed back in 2009 with its main aim being to make the mobile app compatible across every platform. The company gets its capital from Andreessen-Horowitz, Radar Partners, Redpoint, Ignition Partners and Qualcomm and won the upset winner of “Best Software at CES 2012 for its App Player software.

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