BlackBerry Z3 review in pictures

“Taking the BlackBerry Z3 through its paces”

The BlackBerry Z3 (first impressions | FAQs) is the latest offering from the iconic brand in India, and for its asking price, is also the most affordable one running BB OS 10. It’s also the first smartphone resulting from the brand’s long-term manufacturing contract with Foxconn. What’s more interesting is that it lands right in the middle of a revolution currently going on in the Indian smartphone landscape, where affordable devices like the ASUS Zenfone 5 (review) and the Xiaomi Mi 3 (first impressions | FAQs) are grabbing more headlines compared to the super-premium smartphones. It could be very tough for a new contender to stand out in such a battleground, especially one that can’t match up in terms of specs. But there’s lots more to the Z3 than just specs. The 5-inch smartphone boasts a solid build quality, and from what we’ve seen, comes across as a dependable workhorse. Here’s a quick review of the BlackBerry Z3, covering its specs, features, interface, camera and performance.

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