Blackberry unveils Blackberry Tag – Tap to Share feature

Blackberry unveiled a new way for blackberry users to share content by just tapping the phones against each other. Blackberry CEO Jim Balsillie announced this new feature called Blackberry Tag in the GITEX conference being held at Dubai today.

Blackberry Tag will be a key feature in the upcoming Blackberry OS 7 update. The blackberry tag takes advantage of NFC facility (near field communication) available in the newer blackberry smartphones such as Blackberry bold 9900/9930 and Blackberry curve 9350/9360/9370 handsets. Blackberry tag allows users to share contact information, URLs, photos, multimedia content, documents by simply tapping the smartphones against each other. The blackberry tag is deeply integrated with blackberry messenger. So two blackberry users can add each other as friends in blackberry messenger by tapping their phones with each other!

RIM will also expose this blackberry tag capability via APIs, so that developers can take advantage of this feature while developing apps or games.

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