BlackBerry Messenger for BB 10 OS spotted

BB10BBM-470-75Recently the news about full touch L Series and QWERTY keyboard equipped N Series in BB 10 buzzed around and now we can peek into the first look of Blackberry Messenger for BB 10 OS due to some leaked photos. It seems like that this Canadian handset maker will be bringing OLED screen to the mainstream in its future Smartphone. The leaked photos shows Blackberry messenger layout in both N series and L series <a href=””>BB phones</a>. Though both the layout seems pretty similar, the battery consumption ratio will be different in both the series phone. BB 10 OS phones will have the feature to change themes instantly. OLED display screen comes with configurable color themes and optional darker appearance. This technology is helpful in reducing the power usage to about 75% of the initial value. There are lots of other themes customization options available to you. Blackberry messenger will be offering you vast amount of lucrative messaging features that will take your experience to the next level. Another thing which a BB user is expecting from BB 10 OS is a better and reliable battery life. Keep yourself tuned with the latest development taking place in the BB 10 OS. There may be lots of more surprises been stored for you. But these leaked blackberry messenger images have certainly hiked the excitement. What say?
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