BlackBerry Loses Gmail App from Google

Google will drop out offering Gmail App for BlackBerry devices later this month. Starting from 22nd November, 2011 Google will no longer offer or support the Gmail App installed in the BlackBerry devices. However, the BlackBerry users who already have installed the application on the devices can continue to use the service. Instead, Google will now focus on “building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser.” blackberry-gmail-push Supporting the above statement, Research In Motion (RIM) in an official statement disclosed that “Since 2009, RIM has incorporated native support for Gmail in BlackBerry [operating system] 5.0 and above, which means that a separate Gmail app is not required. The large majority of users who access Gmail on their BlackBerry smart phone already rely on the native support (provided through BlackBerry Internet Service) rather than the separate Gmail app.” BlackBerry users were earlier contributing 48 percent of the US smartphone market. With the sudden surprise of smartphones from the other players RIM share in the smartphone market dipped to 11.6 percent says the IDC report. After an embarrassing service outage last month left millions of BlackBerry users without access to email. Analysts worried that BlackBerry users would begin migrating to Apple and Android devices at an even faster clip. Now, Google’s decision to end support of Gmail App will now create some serious mess. Earlier, Google offered a Gmail App for Apple iOS operating system. Later, with a bug generated, Google pulled back the app for fixing. Gmail with top rank scores around 200 million users and based on the data with ComScore Inc, the number of unique visitors.

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