BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Preview

The BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth is an amazing wireless headset that takes just 15 minutes to charge. You get to have up to two hours of talk time with this quick charge and twice the talk time on a full charge. The headset is both small and practical in design. It comes with a dedicated on/off switch and only one single button that’s built into the front face of the device. Its unique features comprises of voice prompts and automatic volume control. The headset is affordable as well as functional as it pairs up easily with any other Bluetooth enabled cell phones apart from Blackberry’s. 8423HS-300 Features: The BlackBerry HS-300 is a basic headset but offers much more than a basic headset. Its main feature lies in its minimum charge and maximum talk time factor. Blackberry has focused on the affordability factor with this headset and is thus more workable than a fancy gear. The same can be said about its packaging. The days of the oversized boxes are really gone and thus, the HS-300 packaging is kept really compact. However, once you open the pack you will wonder about the size and its contents, as you will find 1 BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth headset, 4 ear gels of various sizes, 1 ear hook, 1 BlackBerry micro-USB cable, 1 USB Power plug and a user Guide all neatly cramped up. The design of the HS-300 is very simple as well as practical. As a whole, you will get the charging port, the power switch, LED and the call control button in it apart from the patent BlackBerry logo etched on its body. Fit and Functionality The HS-300 with its gel and ear hook should be comfortable for most, but on the other hand, few people may remain aware of the fact of wearing such a lightweight headset. The ear gels and the removable ear hook offer enough support for fit. The one point to notice is that, there are no volume control buttons on the headset, thus you need to adjust it via your BlackBerry or any other Bluetooth phone that you pair with it. This makes it a little tricky to change the volume while you are on the go. However, the headset really offers an automatic volume adjustment. As the volume of the noise at the background increases or decreases, so does the call volume. If you were also expecting a noise cancellation feature, this headset does not offer any. HS-300’s call control button smoothly manages all standard commands, like redial, ignoring calls, muting, call waiting, etc. It also offers a female voice confirmation for the commands that you make. Conclusion As a whole, the BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth is a simple and functional Bluetooth headset with no unnecessary fuss. This headset really fits in well with the rest of the BlackBerry family. The only suggestion would be that it would be helpful, if the voice prompts could be a little louder. The HS-300 Bluetooth headset is tagged at $44.95 and if you have a BlackBerry addiction then, you should really get your hands on a pair right away.

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