BlackBerry gets Samsung ChatOn Messaging Service

Here’s a good news to share with the BlackBerry device owners. Samsung’s cross-platform messaging service, ChatOn is now available for RIM BlackBerry devices. However, this app currently works on BlackBerry Torch 9800 and soon be made available for other devices. Samsung introduced the ChatOn messaging service in the month of August 2011. Soon it the ChatOn pooled a large user base and Samsung recently launched a new desktop web app. samsung-chaton-bb With the ChatOn messaging services, BlackBerry users can now live-up a better social life. Users can now chat with more than 2 users with the group chat, share pictures, videos, animation messages (Scribble), audio, contacts, calendar and location. Also, the app allows users to chill-out with the favorite buddies and the top 3 buddies of the week will highlighted in Buddy interaction area. BlackBerry users, can now be able instantly chat with friends on every other platforms. The Samsung ChatOn messaging service is currently available for Android, iOS, Bada OS and Web. Samsung in the coming weeks is planning for a launch on Windows Phone OS. Looking forward, we feel that this messaging app will soon build a new Social ecosystem. Click here to download Samsung ChatOn Instant Messaging app

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