Big Expose: Aakash 2 tablet imported from China, says Hindustan Times

Are Chinese exporter parents to India’s Aakash 2 tablet? This may sound a bit odd today as for last more than two years people know it is being developed by Indian IITians and Datawind. aakash tablet If we have a look on documents then it is to be believed, says a report published in Hindustan Times. Documents searched and examined reveal that Datawind founders and NRI brothers, Suneet and Raja Singh Tuli, may have got these devices from way side hawkers in China, for Rs 2,263. To be precise -$43. The amount priced per unit in India. It is alleged that Datawind purchased more than ten thousand of these “A 13” Chinese make tablets from four makers belonging to Shenzen and HongKong. It is learned the sourcing of the tablets had been done between October 26 and November 7. These units arrived in India duty free for Indian students, under a ministry of human resource programme. Datawind Ltd. is a UK-based company with major operations in India and Canada. It was selected to supply low cost tablet devices to Indian students, which has to be Indian native. Documents expose that Datawind bought these units from Dasen International Electronics, Shenzen Shitong Zhaoli Technology, Kalong Technology and Trend Grace Ltd. It is also revealed that Datawind manufacturing partner, Hyderabad-based VMC Systems, has not made any such items in last few months. Same story goes with its partners in Delhi and Amritsar. Meanwhile, Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli has called the published article in Hindustan Times as “sensationalist”, “inaccurate” and “misleading”. What you say? Do share your own views.

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