Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones – Pump up your ears

The Custom One Pro is a new addition in the family of headsets from Beyerdynamic. This headset from the German audio company offers a versatile exterior and sonic customization options for just $200. Beyerdynamic-Custom-One-ProDesign and features The design of the headphones is really simple and most useful to provide sound shaping options, and that is really great. It features a bass control switch that makes the bass response radically change with the track. Its ingenious port switch on each earpiece lets + or – 5 decibel decrease or increase by simply moving the switches between 4 different positions. These headphones sport 50mm, 16-ohm dynamic drivers with a frequency of 18Hz to 35,000Hz. The Custom One Pro’s large, black ear cups might look plain but here the ear-cups’ exterior can be switched out for one of several designer plates. Then again, the black leatherette ear pads and headband can also be replaced with beige, brown, or white one. Fit and comfort The Custom One Pro indeed look and are stout, however they are light and comfortable once you wear them. The soft ear pads encompass the ears reducing pressure and the luxurious headband padding offers a comfortable fit for an extended period of listening to music. The headband seems to be very sturdy and durable and the ear cups can easily maneuvered on their hinges to fit various head sizes. Audio performance No matter what kind of music you listen to or through with mobile device, the Custom One Pro will provide a particularly well-crafted soundscape, which is enhanced with an intent detail. It offers a vivid reproduction of instrumental timbre, and a spacious and light stereo field. This great pair of headphones provides real sound that you can definitely enjoy. The adjustable bass switch can customize the bass depending on kind of music you are listening to. Its drivers deliver a tangible texture to instrumentation The headphones really provide excellent clarity in the treble. The timbre of string instruments are delivered with a brilliant note. Apart from the vibrant timbre of instruments, the Custom One Pro also has noteworthy wide stereo dimension along with fine detail. Its drivers can effortlessly transform from very low to very high pitches and is very easy on the ears. The Custom One Pro really creates an amazingly smooth, detailed sound while equally maintaining such perfect balance of various instruments. The Beyerdynamic’s Custom One Pro is really one headset that can thoroughly enthrall any listener with its awesome sound quality. Conclusion Finally it can be rightly said that it will be indeed very hard to find a better sounding set of headphones with a price tag of $200, than the Custom One Pro. Its immaculate sound detailing, balance, and wide stereo effect really puts the headset apart from other headphones in its level.  Apart from the great sound its so called plain look can also be customized according to your taste. Thus, if you do want to shell out 200 dollars for a premium quality headphone, then there is definitely no other better choice for you than the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.

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