6 ways to tease an iPhone user!

Arguably the most popular phone on the planet today…is the iPhone! Made by Apple and updated every year, the iPhones are owned by millions and liked billions. But as our moms say…nothing  in this world is perfect! If you see someone bragging about thier iPhone again -here are a few things that you can say to tease them…

NOTE: The article is a light hearted piece of literature that doesn’t reflect our views. Personally, I am unbiased to all phones, including the iPhones!

“Share me this image over Bluetooth”


The new iPhones are chalk-full of features – right from 4G, NFC to even 3D Touch… but what about Bluetooth? While iPhones do have Bluetooth…they have their own issues. Apart from peripherals, it can only connect to other Apple Products! Which means, these ‘superior’ iPhone users can’t simply share files over Bluetooth with others. PS: Even a Nokia 225 can trump iPhone in this one!

“Where is the second SIM slot?”

Though Apple stands for incorporating features that the users want, it doesn’t always do that! While things like multi touch, video recording and even 3G were pioneered by iPhones before most of its peers, it still doesn’t support more than one SIM card. So in case you want to use your business number along with a personal one, Apple wants you to buy two iPhones! And… Nokia 225 scores again!

“Where’s your home screen dude?”

iPhones run on iOS, and iOS is a killjoy when it comes to customizations. It is in its 9th year and you can still not do much personalisation, apart from changing the ringtone and the wallpaper (Nokia 225 again!). And if one compares it to Android, the mockery could be merciless. There are no personalised home screens or lively widgets or any support for adding a new launcher.

“Why can’t you simply connect this to my computer bro”

Because he can’t! Though known for its simplicity the iPhone kinda makes it tough to share files from a computer. While other users can simply plug in their phones into any PC and start sharing files instantly, the iPhone user will first need to download and install iTunes on your computer, then set it up for a while and then only then he’s allowed to share content – that too in a very limited fashion. Unlike Android & Windows phones you can’t see the files and folders and iTunes isn’t even available on a Linux operating system!

“Battery low? Need my charger?”

While most Androids, Windows, Blackberrys and even some feature phones use the standard micro USB port, iPhones are different. Rather than simply connecting to any available charger it has a proprietary ‘Lightning’ connector. This one too was incorporated a few years ago which means, older iPhone chargers too don’t work on new one’s! Oh…and Nokia 225 uses a micro USB port –just saying!

“You know, you could have bought a…”

Smartphones may be premium, but iPhones are just expensive, for instance, the highest end iPhone 6s Plus was launched in India for Rs 92,000! The easiest way to bug an iPhone owner is to remind him what all he could have had at the price of a meagre phone. A foreign trip, a helicopter ride, a motorbike and a even a plastic surgery! Yupp…make them aware that all they spent their money (or kidneys!) on was at the end just a phone. Interesting fact: One can buy 30 Nokia 225s at the price of an iPhone 6s Plus.

“Have you heard of Nokia 225?”

After reading this article, you sure are intrigued with Nokia 225. It is a basic feature phone will cost you around Rs 3,000. In relation to this article, it has a removable battery, SD card support, dual SIM and FM Radio – all of which the iPhone lacks! Also, it comes preloaded with some popular social networking apps and games (Ouch!). Do tell the iPhone users about this ‘smarter’ phone!

Those were some things you can use to annoy any iPhone user. So the next time you see snobbish one, you know how to tease him. Even better! Share this article among all friends so they too are a part of this tease!

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