Best Deal: HTC Incredible S, Desire S, Sensation prices slashed down

It’s high time to buy any of the existing bunch of phones if you are not waiting for the new launches as there are massive price cut on many devices. The best price cut so far comes from HTC on Incredible S, Sensation and Desire S. htc incredible s Ahead of launching of ‘One Series’, the prices of these three HTC smartphones have been slashed by online retailer Saholic. We assume Letsbuy and Flipkart would follow the suit very soon. HTC Incredible S The Incredible S is a Android-based phone with MRP of Rs 24,000. The new price of it is Rs 20,020 only. I guess it is the best deal so far on HTC Incredible S if you compare it with Galaxy S Plus. HTC Desire S The HTC Desire S is now being sold at a price-cut rate of Rs 18,839. This too is suppose to be the best deal if you compare the phone with Sony Ericsson Neo V. The two got almost similar specifications. HTC Sensation This is the biggest deal of today. HTC Sensation to cost you just Rs 22,000. It is now more appealing than the Motorola Atrix 2. What’s your views of such a great price-cut on three best models of HTC? Isn’t it the preparation of HTC’s ‘One Series’ launching? Seems so. Well, may be there are also rooms for the price-cut of Sensation XE, XL and the Evo 3D. Also remember, so far the Desire S and Incredible S are the two favourite Android phones from HTC. Now it has got new life with the new price and pending Ice Cream Sandwich update. So grab it. Again to say, it’s the Best Deal.

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