BenQ GH600- A Sophisticated and Complex Camera

The BenQ GH600 has a creative segmented design which appeals incredible, the design is extremely intricate and inventive that only the most creative among creative designers would have grabbed the nuances of this remarkable design. Most interestingly the camera is priced at Rs 10,999 for a camera with 16 megapixel with 21xtelephoto lens and PASM mode which is a replication of loaded models with double the price. BenQ GH600 The lens is a representation of a new camera which has been recently introduced. The significant weight is contributed by the large telephoto lens, because of the fitment of four AA batteries. The advantages of the batteries is you can carry spare batteries in the event of the current ones fading, but the problem here is the battery takes a longer period to charge compared to the regular li-ion batteries. On the overall build, the BenQ GH600 is decked with a jet black finish which is a common trend for most cameras. The rear has the recent adopted technology traits of a 3-inch LCD monitor with control panel on the right. There is a thump grip at the right corner on top, the control panels is tailored with buttons for video recording and playback along with 5-way D-pad, menu and Fn button. For shooting, the D-pad is the main player for face detection, flash, info display and focus type(Macro, Infinity, Pan and Auto). The shooting capacity of this camera is superior that can be shot to 720p with an optical zoom while shooting, which further enhances the shooting image and quality. The underling feature of the GH600 is the optimum dexterity when held where one can have a firm grip on the mode dial, shutter release and control panel buttons. The only drawback here is the lethargic focusing speed which takes ages to focus. The BenQ GH6000 although not a charmer when it comes to quick shooting, even though it delivers decent shooting power up to 720p, but for happy occasions with family or friends, this camera can be employed when you are not in a crazy hurry to shoot objects and just want to make it a relaxed occasion.

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