Bell’o Digital BDH650 headphone review

The Bell’O Digital BDH650s comes from a non music related manufacturer getting into the headphone business for the first time. As the headphone market is really happening and a lot of companies simply want to jump into the bandwagon of headphones. Let us take a look at the Bell’O BDH650 earphones.


Features and design

The BDH650’s build quality is really good along with shiny and stylish looks. In its own price range, it is really a stunner with tough and durable built. The BDH650s feature a faux-metal two tone body in a gunmetal gray and copper colour scheme. It does not provide any in-line mic or volume controls.

Audio performance

The Bell’O Digital BDH650 has really good sonic quality with a very balanced and good bass and crystal clear treble. It has an overall open sound that is crisp and nice to listen to. It made for a really good travel companion as it keeps the sound to yourself. No matter which track you play from which genre, the BDH650 will produce the best quality music. Vocals, instruments and electronics all the reproduced as they are meant to. The high frequencies do not hurt your ears, and all sounds are produced with just the right amount of balance. Some of its sonic qualities surpass all the other earphones of its class and can be compared to some high-end headphones as well. Though it has some lacking in the mid and high-frequencies, as a whole you will simply get bowled over with the sound that this pair of earphones produce.


At Just $40, the Bell’O Digital BDH650s are the best buy for the price. It provides quality sonic experience for your ears, that is well balanced, warm and extremely pleasant. It looks stylish and has really good built quality as well. In few words the Bell’O Digital BDH650 are the best entry level earphones that any non musical manufacturer has ever come across. It is definitely recommended for all music lovers.
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