BBM launch for Android and iOS delayed, citing leaked APK for Android

The highly anticipated chat application BlackBerry Messenger which was officially announced to hit the App Store and Play Store yesterday has been delayed. BlackBerry has announced that it is postponing the release of the BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS because of some technical glitches. The Canadian manufacturer has blamed the leaked APK file of the app for Android for all the problems regarding the launch.

BBM for all

For iPhone users the launch went pretty successful and the app was already available to download from the App Store 20 minutes before the launch, but after the failure in the launch for Android, BlackBerry has postponed the launch for both of the platforms. However, the iOS users in the New Zealand are still able to download it via the App store. Company stated that a leaked APK file of the BBM chat app for Android have been already installed on more than 1.1Million active devices within only 8 hours. The leaked version of the app was reported to be working pretty smooth for all the Android users but BlackBerry has decided that the unreleased version of the app will soon be disabled and those who have already installed will have to visit official BlackBerry website to register for the update.

BBM coming to Android iOS

BBM app from the iTunes Store has been taken off because company wants to launch the app for both of the platforms at once. However, those who have already downloaded it on their iOS devices will be still able to use it without any problem. Don’t worry, if you was eagerly waiting for the app, we will update you more when BlackBerry launches it again.
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