Battlefield 4 to be rolled out on March 26

After introducing Battle field 3 in the latest series of DLC Endgame, Electronic Arts (EA) is geared to showcase the next game in the series. According to information from a tweet journalist Geoff Keighley, Battlefield 4 will be announced officially during the later period of this month. bf3endgame_191734411097_640x360 According to the tweet, ‘’It’s official, Battlefield 4 showcasing will occur on March 26th in San Francisco. We are unaware of the extensive detailing of the next game, but we are sure that it will be displayed in the modern era. According to information during a conference call last year, the game will be shipped between April 2013 and March 2014. Electronic Advisor’s Frank Gibeau made the estimation on the release date of the time when expressed excitement and thrill about the future of Battlefield and Medal of Honor franchises during an earnings call. Battle field 3 was a seller game that rolled out five million copies in the first week of its release. The game was the first in the entire series to not make use of Windows version before Vista. The game showcases a single lazy player campaign with a story which is good and highly scripted. The attractive phase of the Battle field 3 game is the multiplayer traits. The maps appeared huge and the PC version of the game displayed over 64-player multiplayer matches with different gameplay themes which range from Conquest to Team Deathmatch to Rush. There are four segments to the game such as Assault, Support, Engineer or Recon. According to DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedssan in August last year said, Battlefield 4 theme will remain modern period setting. ‘’there is a lot of appreciative things that will provide information on the movement of franchise. Every aspect is thrilling from fans feedback to market research and our aims of future establishment. Battlefield 4 is the most inventive name we have thought of. I can’t reveal further information on that game, since it is a secret.’’

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