Baidu Yi – An Android based Chinese Mobile OS

Baidu is exploiting the absence of Google to the fullest. It already enjoys a 80% market share in the Chinese Online Search market which is more than half-a-billion users strong! Baidu is one of the national jewels of China and it’s services deeply impact the chinese. Taking the services to next level, Baidu announced a customized Mobile OS called Baidu Yi. Baidu and Yi are both chinese words and Baidu Means “Baidu, whose literal meaning is hundreds of times, represents persistent search for the ideal.” [according to Robin Li, founder of Baidu] and Yi means Joy/harmony. So, Yi is a gift of joy from Baidu to the chinese people 🙂



Baidu has essentially forked or branched the Android operating system and customized it to its needs and has created Yi OS. Baidu will also have its own set of applications that can work on top of this customized android OS. Baidu Yi will deeply integrate with all Baidu’s offerings including search, voice search, maps, cloud, music(ting) and browser. Since the official website of Yi was completely in chinese and the google translation was not sufficient, we were fortunate enough to find a good translation provided by Penn-Oslon. Bada Yi will have its own app store and will open the api and invite developers to write applications on top of Yi in return for rev-share.





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Baidu Yi

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