Bada 2.0 update for Samsung Wave Devices Marked for 2012

Samsung officially announced the bada 2.0 update for Samsung Wave devices in the month of September. Based on the earlier news, Samsung supposed to roll-out the upgrade starting from fourth quarter of 2011. This update is for old Wave devices based on the device specs, CPU and memory size. The upgrade campaign starts from Europe and spread to the other nations. However, these plans were little delayed and thus Samsung parked the event for year 2012. bada-2 According to Samsung official Facebook page in Turkey, the bada 2.0 update is available for Samsung Wave, Samsung Wave II, Samsung Wave 723, Samsung Wave 578 and Samsung Wave 575 devices in the year 2012. Samsung Wave 3 is the first smartphone to run on bada 2.0 OS. Samsung’s update from earlier version of Bada to bada 2.0 for Wave devices will bring a better UX and UI framework and better smartphone experience. At the same time it introduces the user to future proof technologies like NFC payments, SNS and more. So, chances are low that bada 2.0 is available for the devices in this year. Hopefully, it will be early on 2012.

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