Audiofly AF78 Earphone First Impression

The term “hybrid” is really popular nowadays in terms of gadgets. From tablets to mobile phones, to even headphones, hybrids are ruling the market. The aim of the hybrid is to create something unique with greater efficiency by the amalgamation of two varying entities. audiofly-af78-design-rendering-black Like many others, the Australia headphone manufacturer Audiofly, has also attributed the hybrid concept to its AF78 earphones and has grabbed some limelight for it. The Audiofly AF78 combines a balanced framework and a vigorous driver into an earphone that is highly functional. This combination is to achieve a deep and warm effect in the low frequencies, and to produce a brilliant note on the high frequencies. Audiofly has not only achieved its purpose but also got the CES Innovation Award 2013 for its work. Let us take a brief look at the recently awarded AF78. Features and design The AF78 has a very good built quality. Each earpiece is created into a capsule of black plastic that is surrounded by a silver ribbon of anodized alloy. Its cylindrical and rather wide driver housings accommodate the balanced armatures and 9mm dynamic drivers. The AF78 features a cloth covered tangle resistant cable and it is available with or without an in-line microphone, with a price difference of just $10. Fit and comfort The AF78 has a rather bulky design and some might find it little difficult to get them to fit the ear canals comfortably. The usage of the Comply tip solves the problem considerably, which tends to make the sound quality even better. Audio performance The AF78 is capable of producing a high quality and complex sound with remarkable accuracy and balance. It reproduces crystal clear sound with immaculate detailing of instruments and the minutest of effects. It has a warm bass and smooth treble treatment. Conclusion The AF78 is meant for serious listeners with a class-apart taste.

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