AT&T 1993 Television Ad – Future predictions

The video shown below is a television commercial from AT&T – America’s leading wireless operator. This particular ad shows Tom Selleck playing host and narrating how the future of technology will unfold with 1993 as the context. The ad depicts various things such as e-book reader, video conferencing (video calling), In-Car GPS, Tablets, Electronic pass (using near field communications), Video on demand, Voice recognition, Mobile learning and more. The Ad poses various questions as listed below: “Have you ever borrowed a book from thousands of miles away?” “Have you ever crossed the country without stopping for directions?” “Have you sent someone a fax… from the beach?” “Have you ever paid a toll without slowing down?” “Have you ever bought concert tickets from a cash machine? “Have you ever tucked your baby in from a phone booth?” “Have you ever opened doors with the sound of your voice?” “Have you ever carried your medical history in your wallet?” “Have you ever attended a meeting in your bare feet?” “Have you ever watched the movie you wanted to, the minute you wanted to?” “Have you learned special things from far away places?” Most of these predictions have come true in 2010. Some haven’t partly because the market is not ready for it yet or a Via Dvice

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