ASUS Zenfone 6 review in pictures

Here’s a snacky review of the loaded Zenfone 6 phablet from ASUS

Asus Zenfone 6001

With the Zenfone range of smartphones, ASUS has managed to make a clear differentiation for the brand as well as the devices amidst stiff competition in India from both global as well as local brands. The reason for this is a perfect mix of features and quality that has been the very foundation of the Zenfone devices and to top it up, brilliant pricing as well. The Zenfone 6, despite being the biggest member of the family, comes with an interesting price tag of Rs 17,999 and offers features and functionality at par with more expensive devices. The device offers great performance, meaty hardware specifications and a brilliant camera as well. So,  go ahead and grab a bite-sized review of the Zenfone 6 with our review in pictures, before we get you a detailed low-down on the device with our review.

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