Asus Transformer Book Trio, a dual OS based hybrid

Along with a number of mobile devices, Asus also announced a hybrid which can be used as a desktop, Notebook or a tablet. What’s more exciting is that you can use the keyboard dock as a full-fledged CPU to run Windows on a desktop monitor and at the same time give the tablet to your kid to play around the Android. The company calls it Asus Transformer Book Trio. asus-transformer-book-trio The detachable screen of the device is actually an 11.6-inch tablet which runs Android 4.2 powered by 2 GHz Intel Atom Z2580 Clover Trail+ dual core CPU. The tablet has 64GB of inbuilt memory. The screen can be attached to the PC station dock supplied with the unit to turn into a Notebook. While attached, it uses the Intel Haswell core-i7 processor to run Windows 8. The dock also features 1TB of inbuilt storage. In other words, while attached to the dock, the tablet uses the hardware of dock and works merely as a display for the Notebook. This clearly means you can at your ease remove the tiny screen and attach a regular desktop LCD to use it like a desktop. The dock works as a CPU with built-in keyboard and touch pad. The concept is innovative and worth a praise. Though we have seen Acer Aspire R7 which is a desktop-tablet-notebook hybrid, but this one has completely different mechanism.

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