Asus F2012E laptop with a slim and neat build

The Asus F2012E laptop has a neat and slender design which can be easily carried around without causing strain on the shoulders or back. There are educational institutions that are dolling out free laptops to students, the Asus F2012E would be ideal for its light weight and flexible portability without straining the back or shoulders which is an important point to consider since students already have the burden of carrying many books. medium_8b516d8005a6402595d3c9c90746372a The Asus F201E has a remarkable display quality with its lengthy dimension which delivers the image of a notebook, and most interestingly resembles a perfect slim notebook. The body is decked with a shiny plastic finish and classy furnishings on the top. The laptop has a rigid build with a light effect. When placed on the table the system appears classy and silky that would grab anybody’s attention at a glance, and to add to the excitement, the laptop costs only Rs. 26,000 which is an attractive buy for notebook enthusiasts. The highlighting feature of the Asus F201 is the large and visible keyboard, which can be a boon for short-sighted consumers; moreover the keys are extremely flexible to use where there is sufficient space to accommodate long fingers. The company has also been artistic in a totally different and unexplored direction of introducing coloured keys to blend with the silver-grey colour of the laptop interiors. The keys besides being sufficiently spaced is user friendly by being extremely press friendly where you can just press the keys and not expect the keys to weather. The track pad offers incredible handling qualities especially when installed with Windows 8. The screen has earlier stated has a firm built that it remains rigid even when you tilt the screen slightly. The F201E offers a dynamic work atmosphere with its enormous display measurement, significantly visible keys and aggressively built screen. On the interiors the system is incorporated with Intel Celeron 847, which is a dual-core processor that functions on 1.10HHz. The processor is of the Sandy bridge type from Intel. The laptop is a pioneer in the storage front with a 320GB Western Digital hard drive. The notebook is inserted with 2Gb of memory and operates on a 64-bit variant of Windows 8 Pro. The resolution quality of the Asus F201E is another element to consider with a 1366×768 resolution on a dynamic 11.6-inch screen. The Asus F201E offers powerful facilities to obtain an impressive end product, by being equipped with one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports on the sides. The HDMI port, distinguishes the attributes of this system compared to other regular notebooks. Even with the lean structure, there is room for D-sub port and collapsible Ethernet port. The characteristic charming feature is the wall-fitted power adapter, which has a smaller measurement compared to the conventional notebooks. The Asus F201E on the whole offers enhanced keyboard visibility along with comfortable typing experience. The great screen display offers decent resolution capacity of 1366×768. Owing to is large display screen, this laptop will be supremely beneficial to consider when you want to skype your family or friends who live overseas.

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