ASUS EeeBook X205TA first impressions: small in size and price, but big on appeal and functionality

“With its lightweight build and good battery backup, the new EeeBook offers exceptional utility at a budget price point”

As a device maker, ASUS has always been ahead of the curve with interestingly-designed products offering a break from the monotony. Now, the brand has announced the launch of yet another compelling ultraportable, the EeeBook X205TA… priced at a very pocket-friendly Rs 14,999. This ultraportable offers the benefit of mobility along with powerful productivity in a comfortable form factor that even the smallest of notebooks fail to offer. We got to experience this device and here is a report on what it has to offer. Read on for our first impressions of the new ASUS EeeBook.

ASUS EeeBook first impressions 01

The laptop has been nicely designed with the use of both plastic and metal. However, the shell only features a polycarbonate build, and all the metal goes in the hinges making it durable. The device is available in a range of colours and all of them feature a matte, rubberised finish that imparts good looks and improves the handling. Special attention has been paid to making it as portable as possible and for that, the device has been made slim and sleek. Even when closed, the laptop bears a thickness not more than 17.5mm, and it weighs in at a mere 980 grams. Even at these measurements, the company claims that the device can offer close to 12 hours of battery life with its 38W hr lithium polymer battery.

ASUS EeeBook first impressions 16

The overall look of the notebook is great and offers a premium feel. The keyboard and the trackpad have been made much more comfortable as compared to the older EeePC notebooks, and even with the increased dimensions, the weight of the device has actually been reduced, which is a commendable job from ASUS.

ASUS EeeBook first impressions 23

All thanks to the fanless design, there are no air vents… which are the prime reason for dust to enter the devices and cause trouble. Due to the fanless design, the device also tends to save a lot on the battery power as well as compared to the previous generation devices. This new-gen EeeBook comes with solid-state storage as compared to hard drives on older models, another reason that substantiates the claim of a longer battery backup.

As for the hardware, the device features an 11.6-inch display with a 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution and comes with a full-sized keyboard and generously-proportioned touchpad for ease of use. To power the device up, ASUS has relied on the latest Intel Bay Trail Z3735 quad-core processor clocked at 1.33GHz and has paired it with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. For more memory, users can add a microSD card in the provided slot, which can accommodate up to 128GB of additional storage.

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The provided keyboard and trackpad offer utmost comfort to the users while using the device owing to their size . While the keyboard has the right pitch and key feedback, the trackpad has good sensitivity, and comes compete with support for gestures as well.

ASUS EeeBook first impressions 25

For imagery, there’s a VGA camera on the front for video calling. In terms of ports and expansion slots, the device gets a power connector on the left, followed by the microSD card slot for memory expansion, a micro-HDMI connector for connecting it to external displays and a 3.5mm audio socket which also incorporates the microphone connector. On the right side,there are a pair of USB slots for connectivity with peripherals.

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The notebook comes preloaded with Windows 8.1 and offers full functionality and access to applications and programs. Additionally, with support for cloud-based applications and a HTML5 compatible processor, this device can work brilliantly with internet-based apps as well. Additionally, the laptop should be upgraded to the next version of the Windows operating system as and when it is made available.

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Overall, the new ASUS EeeBook looks neat and offers a great deal of functionality to the users. However, these are just our first impressions of the device and we will be bringing a more in-depth review of the ultraportable in the coming days.

Photos by Raj Rout

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