Astrid Tasks & To-Do List App for Android and iOs

Among the huge bunches of smartphone apps, the Astrid is one app that is very popular. The Astrid Tasks and To-do List is a task manager, which is available as a web app as well as for leading mobile platforms such as the Android and iOS. This app also gets frequent updates to keep things latest. Let us take a brief look at this app. Astrid Tasks To-Do Lists Astrid has clean and user-friendly UI, which lets you make lists and add individual tasks under these lists. Switching between lists is really simple and can be even deleted or marked as completed with just a simple tap. Astrid lets you share these lists with others as well. The icon and “My Tasks” are placed at the top left corner of the UI and the option to add new task is on the lower side of the screen, leaving the free space in between to be filled with your tasks. The app even allows you to delegate tasks by choosing names from your contacts list while assigning the task. Astrid is very user-friendly and you can easily get the hang of it. This app lets you create lists and set tasks and reminders very easily. After launch, Astrid will ask you to sign in with your Google or Facebook account, but you can continue with it even without signing into the app. However, not signing will not give you the options of syncing your work with its web app or share and assign tasks to others. Making lists and adding tasks is very easy with this app and its great feature allows assigning tasks to others by sharing via their email IDs. The apps’ reusable lists option allows you to set same alerts every day and you can neatly categorize your tasks with it as well. Astrid is an established name and is known as one of the best apps provider for smartphones. The Astrid Tasks and To-do List app is a really helpful app for everyday work.

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