Aston Martin and Mobiado unveil a cool concept phone

Two luxury product makers come together to showcase each others capability. Mobiado, luxury mobile phone maker and Aston Martin, luxury car maker have jointly unveiled a concept phone that is very futuristic and one that is designed inline with values of aston martin. There is very little detail available about the phone itself. But the little details available are enough to make one salivate! Take a look at the pictures of the concept phone below: aston-martin-android-phone-prototype Codenamed CPT002 – this is a transparent android touchscreen smartphone. There are only two main parts on the phone. A big sapphire glass held by two titanium edges. The sapphire glass is a capacitive touch screen and a display. You can see in the picture that the android icons are displayed. All the phone’s electronics, SIM Card and the battery are housed inside the titanium edge. This handset can work together with Aston Martin Cars and can even unlock the cars. Once inside the car, the handset can communicate with the car and can provide in-car wireless connectivity. aston-martin-android-phone-prototype-back CPT002 – The transparent android smartphone will remain a concept phone and the chances of this going into production are very slim. Then why show off such a concept phone you may ask? Well, looks like Mobiado is lining up some aston martin collection this year and is using CPT002 as a promotional campaign. Via Mobiado

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