Asia Powercom launched 4000mAh portable power bank for Rs.1799

Asia Powercom has launched a 4000mAh portable power bank for USB chargeable devices. Company has launched the AsiaPower AP4000A portable charging battery for Rs. 1,799 in Indian market. This portable charger can be used with any USB chargeable devices including smartphones, iPods, Mp3 players as well as portable gaming consoles too. It is kind of similar to recently launched Sony portable charger that also allows the users to charge their USB devices using it as an external battery.

AsiaPower AP4000A

The AsiaPower AP4000A provides you 4000mAh of external battery support with micro USB charging port. It completely charges in around 5-6hours and provides around 500 charge cycles. It weighs around 105 grams and comes in white and black color choices. It can juice up extra battery for different kinds of USB powered devices. However, it comes with only single USB port, so you can only charge single device at a time. Asia Powercom stated that it is a useful external portable charger for camera devices, smartphones, and portable players as well as for gaming consoles. Users can easily take photos with their cameras in the charging mode using this external portable battery. It takes around 4-5 hours to charge fully and can charges a 1700-2000mAh battery powered smartphone for two times. Smartphone manufacturers are focusing on coming up with high performance smart devices but they are still falling behind in the battery segment. So, if your smartphone or camera usually runs out of battery quickly, then you should take advantage of the AsiaPower AP4000A portable charger.
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