As many as 30 smartphones with NVIDIA Tegra 3 will be rolled out this year

nvidia-tegra-3-processor NVIDIA is making attempts to double up the count of smartphones working on its Tegra ARM-based chipset from 15 models introduced during the last year (2011). The company’s 2011 models had been launched with Tegra 2. NVIDIA is all set to take this count to 30 models by unveiling 15 more smartphones this year boasting quad-core Tegra 3 CPU. At its investor gathering, the world leader in visual computing technologies said that the handsets will also be less pricey at launch than 2011 with 13 smartphones possessing a transfer value of under $300. In addition, NVIDIA is working speedily to expand LTE backing on its quad-core Tegra 3 CPU that thus far has been banned by U.S. carriers who are eyeing Qualcomm’s competitor Snapdragon S4 for LTE capacities. NVIDIA had declared that it recently pocketed AT&T nod for its Icera 410 modem that will be consistent with the Rethink Possible LTE system. Furthermore, the next-gen Tegra 3 processor will accompany an Icera 500 modem. The Tegra 3 processor together with the Icera 410 LTE network backing will be coming later this year. Hopefully, that will mean that in addition to dual-core Snapdragon S4 phones, AT&T will also be carrying phones running on NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 platform. Most remarkably, the HTC One X was recently introduced on AT&T with the Snapdragon S4 whilst HTC’s international edition without LTE capacities contained Tegra 3. NVIDIA will also require working with Verizon Wireless and Sprint to get its chips consistent with those networks in addition.
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