Aptina’s NEW Mobile Image Sensors At MWC 2013

Aptina has brought in a waft of refreshingly new technology news at the Mobile World Congress with the announcement of its new 12-megapixel (MP) and 13-megapixel mobile image sensors. Using Aptina’s most advanced pixel technology these new sensors will combine the 3rd generation Aptina A-PixHS with the 4th generation Aptina MobileHDR technology the result being high quality and high speed video high dynamic range (HDR) and low light performance rendering advanced quality pictures and video. Low lighting conditions is no more an issue with this new technology by Aptina and this enhances the functionality and capability of mobile device cameras. The smaller 1.1-micron pixel enables the production of great results with ultra high detailing which can take on the quality seen in digital still cameras. Aptina-logo These two new sensors are the AR1230 and the AR1330. The AR1230 is already in production and will soon be available easily while the AR1330 is still in its final stages of finalizing its concept and will go into production by summer of 2013. Both sensors will be available in die for OEMs and manufacturers having their own ISP and will also be available with Aptina’s imaging co-processor. These sensors will be made available in 8.5 x 8.5mm modules with low Z-heights for selected OEMs and camera module integrators. The AR1330 uses the latest 300mm CMOS image sensor process. Testuo Omori, Senior of Mobile Industry Analyst at Techno Systems Research commented saying, “These sensors are the first of a family of new, high quality 1.1-micron based products being sampled by our customers, and which Aptina will be delivering in the coming years. 1.1-micron pixel technology will be a significant driver in the mobile industry over the next four years providing a path for handset makers to offer higher resolution sensors in the same form factors. The 1/3-inch format will continue to be the dominant form factor for designers of mid to high-end smart phones.”

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