Apple’s next-gen iPhone to be thinnest

iPhone 4S is thin. Do you expect iPhone 5 to be thinner than iPhone 4S? If yes, here is a rumored news that Apple’s next generation iPhone may be thinnest in the history of the company. iphone KGI Securities think tank firm published a report recently that Apple is experimenting with slim-down of its next-gen iPhone. The reason of its thinness is attributed to new design in its display. It is said in the next-gen iPhone the touch sensors will not be an extra layer over the display but it will be embedded within the LCD itself. Cool. Isn’t it? Well, the amount of slimming-down will be just marginal, reports KGI Securities. Also, not overhyped as other features on Apple iDevices usually are. The thinness of iPhone 4S is 9.30 mm. According to KGI Securities, Apple is experimenting to bring down the thinness of its next-gen iPhone to as low as 8 mm so that it can keep itself ahead of its competitors. More to this, the new screen technology makes more sense apart from making the device further thin. This process of making the screen compiles three semi-finished items in one. In fact in the current generation iPhone the bonding is of six items. Hence, it would be more economical. KGI Securities further reports that the production costs as well as duration will also be reduced. It says cost of production will be lesser by 10-20% and time of production will be reduced to 3-5 days from 12-16 days. Oh yes, the thin battery, rumored to be “liquidmetal” design will also reduce the thickness further by 0.96 mm.

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